Expert Auto Repair & Brake Repairs in Fairport, NY

We are more than tires! We are a full service repair shop. Our menu of services include Brakes, Suspension, Engine diagnostics, Exhaust, Bearings, Oil changes, Inspections, Fluid flushes, Alignments, Tune-ups, Radiators, Belts, Hoses , Headlight resurfacing and so much more!

Preventing Brake Damage

No one wants to experience the panic of being behind the wheel when brakes give out. Brakes provide an essential safety function to every

vehicle, so it's important to pay attention to any warning signs of impending problems.

A few signs that may indicate the need for brake repair include:

Squealing or grinding sounds when you use your brakes

Brake light illuminating on the dashboard

Vehicle pulling to one side when you use your brakes

Difficulty pushing brake pedal in

Brake pedal or entire car vibrating while slowing down

Each of these instances likely means some component of your brakes needs repair. You can prevent serious brake damage by bringing in your

car for regular maintenance. We at Dial-A-Tire won't just check your brakes for you-we'll also change your oil, rotate your tires, and make any

other necessary repairs.

Whether you're about to set out on an extended road trip or you hear a strange sound coming from your car each time you hit the brakes, call

Wade's Dial-A-Tire. We're a proud, family-owned automotive garage that's been serving vehicle owners throughout the Fairport area for more

than 40 years.

Honest and Trusted Mechanics

For your convenience, we offer appointments for even the most basic of maintenance tasks. This means you never have to waste time waiting in

our office as we work on other cars before yours. Our priority is your satisfaction and happiness, so check out our coupons for great deals on

repairs and maintenance.

We do everything we can to make sure you're satisfied with our brake repair service. If your vehicle needs a repair or maintenance service we do

not perform, we always have recommendations of reliable local mechanics you can visit.

To schedule a brake repair appointment, call us now at 585-223-9330. Our shop is located at 111 South Main Street in Fairport, NY.